About me

Some people never go crazy, What truly horrible lives they must live.

Charles Bukowski

Born in Chicago Illinois in 1986,  I would begin the journey of life. Life has a way of throwing you around from one place to the next so, I decided to do something about where my life was headed, after many failed attempts of success on. College would give me the chance to spread my wings. I started at the bottom with a community college in and worked my way slowly up to the university level. First starting out the goal was just to get an associates degree in general studies, but my advisor at the time would nudge me to attend the local university, Southeast Missouri State University. Always having had a passion for writing journalism would be the most logical choice to pursue a degree in. From that, it was a matter of honing in on the skills of writing and with hard work and dedication. Pursuing journalism has been like pursuing life, in general, you just have to continue and grow even when things do not go as planned